Installation manual


Dig a hole (depth ca 80 – 120 cm, diameter 40 cm) and fill it with concrete.
Fasten anchor bolts by nuts to the hinge plate. Watch that the anchor bolts were protruding from the surface of the plate at the length of 75 mm.
Press the hinge-plate into concrete taking care that the hinged part remains on the side where the flagstaff is to be pressed into vertical position. Check that the plate were levelled. Leave concrete to harden (approximately 1 week).


Fit the flagstaff by hinge bolt to hinge-plate.

Connect the finial to plastic socket, press on the mast and fasten with screws.

Attach the toggle with bolts to the flagstaff.
Run the halyard through the opening in finial crosswise to the latter and fasten both ends of the halyard to the toggle.

Tie plastic hooks in the ends of the halyard to fasten the flag.
Push the staff up, level it with adjusting nuts and fix fastening nuts.


Connect the flag between the two ends of the halyard by means of the hooks.
Hoist the flag pulling the halyard, tighten it and tie the ends of the halyard to the toggle.


Release the ends of the halyard from the toggle and set the flag free easing the halyard. 
Remove the flag from the halyard, tighten the halyard and tie the ends of it firmly to the toggle.