Flagpole OÜ

All flagstaffs of Flagpole OÜ are made of durable reinforced by polyester glass plastic – maintenance free material – ensuring strength, small weight and polished as mirror surface. Our masts are made to last for years. Glass plastic flagstaffs are electrically nonconductive and non-oxidizing. Therefore it is sensible to mount glass plastic flagstaffs on seaside areas, as, unlike the aluminium staffs, the glass plastic ones won’t oxidize although being strong enough to resist the fiercest of winds. The staffs have white glossy surface treatment. At the same time you are free to order any colour of staff to your own liking (according to RAL catalogue). Our flagstaffs are equipped with a galvanized hinged anchorage system that makes the mounting especially easy. In addition there is a finial in the set (different variants), toggle and halyard.